Let's Legalise Electric Scooters Australia Wide.

Let's Legalise Electric Scooters Australia Wide.

15th Apr 2021

Throughout Australia people are loving their electric scooters as a leisure activity and as an alternate mode of transport, unfortunately these modes of transport are still not legal to be ridden in public areas across all states and territories.

Electric Riders Australia are taking action towards the legalisation with their Petition to Legalise Electric Personal Mobility Devices in Australia that is targeted to the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Australian Parliament. With the aim of having them update the Australian road rules to reflect the technological advances to electric personal mobility devices such as electric scooters, electric skateboards and electric unicycles.

e-Glide has just signed and fully supports this petition to legalise Personal Mobility Devices Australia wide.

e-Glide believes that by supporting initiatives such as this we are encouraging Australia's lawmakers and transport ministers to enact law changes that will in turn create safer and better infrastructure for riders of personal mobility devices(electric scooters included).

By supporting this initiative we all would be encouraging Australia to be progressive with legislation with the aim of legalising Personal Mobility Devices in every Australian state and territory.