We know how important it is to be able to trust your brakes, that's why we spent extra time on research and development, perfecting the braking system on the G60.

The e-Glide G60 features a low-maintenance, cable pull rear disc brake that means you can apply as little or as much stopping power when needed.

The large 120mm rotor delivers amazing braking performance, bringing you to a quick yet smooth stop within a couple of feet, even from top speed.

The clever thing is, we added a feature, so that every time you pull the brake lever extra power is being sent back to the battery from the regenerative front hub motor.




Getting a flat tyre is a pain and solid tyres lack grip and ride comfort.

The 8.5" tubeless Armourwall tyres on the e-Glide G60 are strong and puncture resistant, while giving a premium ride quality that solid tyres just can't deliver.

Tubeless tyres also absorb shock better than tyres with tubes. Better shock absorption means a smoother ride with less vibration, and ultimately better control.

The Armourwall tyre performance is responsive and grippy in urban environments and effortlessly glides across rougher terrain.