Where is the owner's manual?

Your e-Glide scooter comes with an owner's manual in the box, but it is also available to download here:

Mach 10 / Mach 10R - Download

D150 - Download

G120 - Download

G60 - Download

G30 - Download

Can I ride my e-Glide scooter in the wet?

To protect the electrical components of the scooter and for your own safety, we do not recommend riding your e-Glide scooter in the wet. Water ingress can cause damage to electrical components and is not covered by warranty.

Can two people ride together as long as the total weight is less than 100kg?

No. To ensure the safety of everybody, the e-Glide electric scooters are designed to be ridden and operated by just one person at a time.

What is the warranty on the scooter?

To view the warranty terms in detail, please visit our warranty page