Where is the owner's manual?

Your e-Glide G60 scooter comes with an owner's manual in the box, but it is also available to download here.


My scooter does not move when I press down on the throttle lever, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong, for safety reasons your e-Glide G60 scooter needs you to kick off a couple of times to get it rolling before you can accelerate.


How do I tell which speed mode I am in?

The e-Glide G60 has three speed modes to choose from. They are indicated by a letter D symbol on the e-Glide G60's display. A white D symbol indicates that Normal Mode is selected and a red D symbol means that you are in Sports Mode. When there is no letter D symbol, this shows that Eco Mode is selected, this conserves the most battery and limits speeds. Push the mode button located on the Multi-Throttle once to cycle through the three speed modes.


Can I ride my e-Glide G60 in the wet?

To protect the electrical components of the scooter and for your own safety, we do not recommend riding the e-Glide G60 in the wet.


Can two people ride together as long as the total weight is less than 100kg?

No. To ensure the safety of everybody, the e-Glide G60 is designed to be ridden and operated by just one person at a time.


What is the warranty on the scooter?

To view the warranty terms in detail, please visit our warranty page here.