1. One-year warranty to the main body including Handlebar, Deck, Forks, Motor, Charger and Control Panel.


2. 6 months warranty period for the battery (covers malfunction, but does not cover deterioration of performance)


3. Plastic Decorative Cover, Handlebar Grips, Tyres and Wheels are not covered under any warranty.

The warranty will be null and void if:

The tamper-proof seal in the control panel is broken

The battery has overheated or been stored at a temperature above or below the recommended parameters

The scooter or battery is in any way damaged through malice or rough intent

There is any sign of water ingress into any part of the scooter

The scooter has not been regularly maintained and serviced

Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact the retailer where you purchased this product or email [email protected] if purchased directly.